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Latest Update & News
  • Basil Xpress shop coming soon - 50 shop around India

  • Basil Hypermarkets

  • Basil Electronics launching Basil Tablets, Laptops and Mobile

  • Basil Telecom soon to be launched GSM simcard, VOIP minutes and Witricity

  • Basil Aquaculture - Shrimps , Fish and Prawn CUlture

  • Basil Bio Fuel to launch India's first bio fuel plant in collaboration with Kievnov International

  • Basil Farm - Organic culture for healthy living

  • Basil Stemcell Bank for future stem cells surgery in asssociation with international partners


    The group is an Asset Management company, Development of lay-out for residential / commercial buildings, Construction, Hotels and serviced apartment, Finance (NBFC), Information technology, Television (news channel), Newspaper, Bakery (factories), Manufacture of PP / HM bags, Printing press,Express Shop , Supermarkets, Corporate Insurance Agency, Health and wellness therapy centers, Ayurvedic hospital, Cancer hospital (non-profit), Horticulture, Cultivation of vegetables, Diary, Poultry, Sheep / goat rearing, Telecom infrastructure services, Travel agency, Overseas money transfer agents and Distribution of home / office appliances, health products etc., As the number of branches, people handling the operations and auction turnover increased, the management for operational reasons and also with a view to create promotional avenues for the staff who have made this growth possible, started the following four wholly owned subsidiary companies and each company operates within specific geographical area.

    We comply with prescribed rules and regulation formulated by the respective state governments. We are backed by a seasoned team of professionals who have decades of experience and can understand any query related to chits and can help you reap maximum benefits from investing in a chit. With over 30 years of ...Read More


    • November 6, 2013

      Resurgence is only content when the subject has the vision in mind.Synonymous to resurgence.Basil International Limited is back with a bang in the hospitality and FMCG industry.

    • November 16, 2013

      Touching Livelihood .BASIL Every face has its value and so does the BASIL International Limited. Spread across India, the BASIL International Limited has developed a new face.

    • November 16, 2013

      When you have the vision, you can achieve it.With the same motive to achieve and serve the society the BASIL International Limited has revived with a new face and strong shoulders.